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Shake the Bottle, Wake the Malvino.

tan cerca de mi

25 December
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malvino needs to get some sun.
malvino wants to be your friend.
malvino thinks Jesus was a socialist.
malvino should cut down on the sarcasm.
malvino is a God damned sexual tyrannosaurus.
malvino should be happy at least once a day.
malvino is spending far too much time online.
malvino does not play well with others.
malvino might be creepy in person.
malvino drinks too much coffee.
malvino is a political beast.
malvino is a figment.

The title of this blog changes from time to time thanks to the Random Slogan Generator.

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Automobiles and televison are civilisation's cancer.
Rugby is parkour with moving obstacles.
Wikipedia is an interface for filtering Google through American virgins.